The LCA! Board of Directors and Advisory Council are made up of nationally recognized leaders from the private and public sectors. The role of the Board and of the Council is to provide LCA! with guidance on strategic issues that define and support the organization's mandate.

Board of Directors

Leesa Levinson
Founder & Executive Director
Lights, Camera, Access!

Arlene Rimer, LCA! Board Secretary
Reelstar Media Inc.

Dr. Deborah Kopansky-Giles

Member at Large

Advisory Council

Kevin Shea

SheaChez Communications

Sarah Crawford
Communications Consultant

Jane Sleeth
Optimal Performance Consultants Inc.

Charles Coffey
O.C., Chair
CCCJ’s Canadian Centre for Diversity


Sean Galbraith
IT/ Technical Advisor

Karen Clout
Manager,Regulatory Affairs

Shaw Media

Jim Dixon
Accessibility Directorate of Ontario

Mark Breslin
Media Entrepreneur &
Yuk Yuk’s Founder                                           

John Feld
Journalist and Playwright

James MacDonald
Consultant & Past Chair
Past CAB Board of Directors (Toronto)

Melanie Farell
Director, Community Liaison
Rogers Broadcasting Ltd.

Nicole St. Pierre
Director of Business & Legal
Mercury Filmworks

Justin Poy
President & Creative Director
The Justin Poy Agency