Glenvale Players Group Revival Meeting

The Glenvale Players Theatre group will be holding a revival meeting at CNIB on Saturday, December 5 at 1 pm in room number 101A.

The purpose is to determine the level of interest in resurrecting the club and getting back into live theater.

Anyone who is interested in becoming a member is asked to attend and to pay a membership of $20. plus your contact information.

RSVP in order to determine a sufficient level of interest to move ahead. At least 10 people are needed, and this can include both blind/vision impaired and fully sighted people with or without former experience in acting.

Respond either by email to Denice Chamberlin, the current president at [email protected] or by phone at 647 348-6500 no later than Sunday, November 29.

Or contact Murray Powell at [email protected] or 416-446-0237.