“Epilepsy (The Fight)” by Lazelle Gelias

As I sit all alone in a hospital room,
Wondering if my life has been doomed …
Robbed by this illness, that has shattered my head,
Saying to myself “I’d be better off dead”.
Asking, “Why has this happened to me?
Still growing in life, now cut down like a tree.”
Looking to my father in heaven above,
Praying for help, guidance and love.
Then … what do my eyes suddenly see,
A vision of others, much worse off than me.
Suffering in pain, sorrow and grief,
Fighting to survive everyday of the week.
“How can they do that,” I say to myself
As I watched them return back to life itself.
Still sitting alone in a hospital room,
Still praying for God to answer me soon.
Then realized that he just did,
He sent me a message of how not to give in.
He showed me to be grateful indeed,
Because life is too short to complain of ones needs.
To enjoy what he gave me and be thankful instead,
There are others worse off and are reaching their end.
So, I’ve learned never to give up on this fight,
By this illness I’ve claimed to have shattered my life.
Instead, it has opened my eyes wider to see,
The true beauty I still have deep down inside me.