Hard Ship | A Really Great Big Story

Three paralyzed men take up one of sailing’s most grueling challenges—a 750 mile race to Alaska through some of the most treacherous and remote waters on the planet. With no motors allowed and many miles from any help, the competition can be too dangerous for the world’s most fearless sailors. This team is out to…

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Disabled man captures 3 hours of mocking, staring while travelling Toronto

By James Armstrong View Article at   TORONTO – Toronto comedian Andre Arruda recently had a friend videotape him travelling around Toronto for three hours, during which he says he was the target of over 100 instances of verbal street harassment and hundreds of “uncomfortable stares.” “I always get the weirdest reactions from people…

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Video Pitch Festival

VIDEO PITCH FESTIVAL – Submit your logline/pitch and we’ll make it into a video. Guarantee 1000s of views. Submit by January 31 for Writing Festival Submissions – Writing Festival Holiday Deadline SPECIAL – FULL FEEDBACK on all entries. Submit your screenplay or story: Feature, Short, TV Pilot or Spec, Novel, Short Story, Poems, Essay…

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