“Epilepsy (The Fight)” by Lazelle Gelias

As I sit all alone in a hospital room, Wondering if my life has been doomed … Robbed by this illness, that has shattered my head, Saying to myself “I’d be better off dead”. Asking, “Why has this happened to me? Still growing in life, now cut down like a tree.” Looking to my father…

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New Schizophrenia Medication Taken Four Times a Year

(Photo A newly approved drug for schizophrenics that’s injected just four times a year should help greatly reduce the times they go off their medications and relapse into a state of delusions, hallucinations and psychosis, a local psychiatrist says <…> Read the article:  

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Important Info on Lyme Disease

Ticks from Rouge Park have tested positive for Lyme disease causing bacteria. Last May Toronto Public Health had a press conference in Morningside park to warn residents to protect themselves from bites from ticks. Please stop thinking that there has to be a bull’s eye rash because many people develop no rash at all. Learn about…

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